Start your own balloon business and earn with Custom Gifts from home

Learn all steps and techniques, from scratch to the first sale of Gift Balloons, even if you have never worked with balloons.

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Every day I get messages and questions on my Instagram from people who want to start working with balloons custom gifts, but they don’t know how to do it. Most of these people face the same problem, which is not different from what I struggled when I started: not knowing the right path to start, how to invest in the beginning, lack of knowledge, dominate techniques that work, competition, price war, how to find clients and providers. The Gift Balloons Online Course was built to help you going through these obstacles.

there is a right

path to start

Through this online course I’m going to show how you can start a profitable business, from home, with a low investment and without wasting your time testing techniques which do not work, making you loose money and material. These techniques have been studied, improved and developed for years, since the beginning of my business. You are going to learn not only how to create beautiful gifts, but also how to price them properly, how to pack, transport them and reach clients the whole year. After all, we have celebrations every month of the year, right? Holidays, anniversaries and birth of new members on our family.

People have found on Gift Ballons a way to express their feelings, their love. They are excellent choices for gifts because they are made specially for each person.

Jéssica Mazarella

Gift Balloons is an online course made for you who already work with balloons, personalised gifts or you who are a beginner and have never worked with balloons before. I decided to bring these gift balloons techniques to help you on earning more inside this growing industry.

During the pandemic, as parties were being canceled, the gift balloons were a good alternative I have found to keep my business alive and expand my professional area. Despite having parties to produce or not, the commemorative dates are always present on our lives. People love to seek innovations and special gifts for their beloved ones. I want to give you the opportunity I had on rising my income with these beautiful and amusing balloons without investing on expensive tools.

Throughout the course I am going to show you since the colour theory, how to work with balloons, material care, correct handling, storage and finishing the pieces. Furthermore, there are practice classes which I will show you a detailed step by step of making these incredible gifts.

Take a look on what you will learn on this course below.

First Steps

Working with colours, storage and essential care.


How to price your produts properly.

Questions Support

Exclusive channel for ask your questions.

Video Classes with English Subtitles

+20 recorded classes with details

Online Platform

Access it from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Get yours at the end of the course.

Secure Payment

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1 Year Access

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Graduation Bouquet

Newborn Bouquet

Orchid Balloon Flower

Special Balloon Flower

Mini Balloon Flower

Adult Balloon Box

Special Balloon Box

Kids Balloon Box


Table Gift

Using Silhouette

  • 8 Gift Balloons;
  • 1 Table Gift with a Toy inside the Balloon;
  • Bonus;
  • Material Checklist;
  • Questions Support;
  • Pricing;
  • Certificate;
  • 1 Year Access.

U$ 117 | 107 Euros

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You will have a 7 day guarantee on your purchase.



Jéssica Mazarella

Jéssica Mazarella is passionate with balloons, she used to make party decorations as hobby. In 2012 her biggest accomplishment was reached: her own store.

Her participation in seminars, congress and courses relate with balloons and art allow her knowledge update and creation.

Balloons are not only to decorate, they also bring joy and feelings.



Class 1 – Working with Colours

Class 2 – Graduation Bouquet

Class 3 – Newborn Bouquet

Class 4 – Orchid Balloon Flower

Class 5 – Special Balloon Flower

Class 6 – Mini Balloon Flower

Class 7 – Adult Balloon Box

Class 8 – Special Balloon Box

Class 9 – Kids Balloon Box

Class 10 – Materials Storage

Class 11 – Transporting Balloons

Class 12 – Balloons Pricing

Table Gift

Using Silhouette


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